Political Campaign Tools

Outsourcing of all political marketing, communications, branding and even logistics saves on costs for a political party and/or candidates as opposed to candidates individually using their resources to campaign, meaning zero duplication of efforts and resources to the same voter. 

If well organized, the political campaigns of the gubernatorial, senatorial, parliamentary and county assembly seats for a party can share common campaign tactics for logistics and other shareable resources translating in savings on the campaign budget. 

This can only work with a well-organized party. Many candidates more often than not rely on volunteers who are out to get paid and deliver nothing. Traditionally political parties do not have organizational capacity to supervise and monitor performance of the volunteers assigned to the various duties. This is majorly due to underqualification and a lack of technological know-how of current marketing.

We offer the following political campaign services that help propel voters’ reach:

    • Interactive website design, development, administration and hosting

We are passionate about supporting dynamic candidates and helping campaigns succeed online. Our clients range from aspiring MCAs to gubernatorial hopefuls. We’ve learned something new from each campaign we’ve taken part in, and over time we’ve applied these best practices to every political website that we’ve brought to life.

We are a full-service, web design, development, and marketing agency and pride ourselves on our unique ability to serve a diverse range of clients and projects, from political to business and even non-profits.

    • Digital marketing

Mass emails, bulk SMS, USSD messaging and social media advertising, radio broadcasts, live video streams, analysis of social media trends and hash tags are some of our best strengths. Whether you want to identify voters, recruit volunteers, invite supporters to events, or increase voter turnout on election day, these political tools will allow you to interact and engage with supporters one-on-one.

Online crowdfunding, can speak to much wider groups than a party’s usual supporter base, while minimizing time and effort for both the party and for donors. Crowdfunding also has the potential to enhance a sense of community between the party and its base. People without large amounts of wealth are seldom asked to support political parties financially. With the advent of crowdfunding, this has changed and supporters with relatively low financial strength are now seen as a huge resource for most parties.

    • Telemarketing and polling

One of the few areas where telemarketing as a practice is still widely accepted is in politics. Telemarketing is an effective weapon in a political campaign’s arsenal in the form of an outsourced political call center. Selecting the right business process outsourcing (BPO) partner can mean the difference between victory and defeat, so it’s imperative to find an outsource call center partner with a proven track record of success that employs agents with direct experience in outbound political programs.

Political call centers are often the most direct line of communication for candidates, political action committees and causes to reach voters, typically contacting a curated list of contacts to perform political telemarketing to collect donations, provide education about the platform, perform research and remind people to vote on election day. 


    • Traditional branding

Political branding is almost mandatory in this day and age and is central to any elections. A strong logo, slogan, and imagery helps candidates visually represent their politics and build a consistent message. The best campaign brands even convey a sense of their ideology with nothing more than a glance. It’s the same rules of branding that drive business success.

Put simply, we offer all of the strategic and creative marketing services under one roof. From branding and marketing strategy, to deploying a plan across digital and traditional channels, our team of marketing experts know how to get brands noticed. Some clients use all of our services while others pick and choose – the choice is yours.