Financial Services

We offer the following Financial Services:

Insurance Premium Financing

Are you stressed about paying a large insurance premium? Look no further.

Our Insurance Premium Financing is a facility that eases the burden of paying your insurance premiums. With this facility, paying for large insurance premiums is easy, simple and affordable.
It is easy to apply, has quick processing time and competive interest rates

    • 3rd party insurance – Kshs 5,063/- for all cars
    • Comprehensive insurance – 3.5% of the car value
    • Payment – 20% premium deposit, balance in 11 equal monthly instalments
    • Insurance sticker issued in 3hrs

Logbook Loans

You need cash in a hurry? Our logbook loan product aims to give individuals and businesses access to quick financing to enable them to meet their emergency needs for immediate cash.

    • 4% monthly interest
    • 24hr turnaround time
    • 37 days grace period
    • 18 months repayment period
    • Loans from Kshs 100,000/- to Kshs 2 million (depending on M/V value)


    • Year of manufacture must be 2005 or newer
    • KRA PIN
    • Vehicle original logbook
    • National ID
    • 1 year M-Pesa statement
    • 6 months bank statement
    • Passport photo

Motor Vehicle Import Financing

Import the car of with your dreams seamlessly with our Motor Vihecle Import Finance financial service. You only need to 25% financing and we will take care of the rest as you comfortably pay the balance at a reduced interest of 4%.

Import Duty Financing

This short term financing solution is designed to help you have a seamless process during clearing and transportation of imported cargo from the port/airport of origin to the final destination.

With our short term facility, we will cover import duty, storage charges and demurrages (were applicable), clearing, forwarding & other logistical costs and finally facilitate transportation to the final destination.

Sharia compliant logbook loans

We purchase your vehicle when you need funds then leases it back to you for a specified period of time.
At the end of the lease period the vehicle is gifted back to you.

Invoice Factoring

Do you have slow-paying customers or occasionally limited cash flow? Let us inject cash up to 80% of your invoce value and help you run your bussiness seamlessly.

Mobile Credit Card Loans

Need financing for your daily operations? No need to download many apps. With our Mobile Credit Card facility, you have a large credit limit where you can borrow and repay small amounts as much as you like and from as low as Kshs 100 to Kshs 2,000,000.


No CRB checks